Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to restore lost text messages and contacts from iPhone?

Losing important iPhone text messages and contacts is really very bad, but if you've made a backup in iTunes before, we can still recover them by extracting from iTunes backup file. And we need an iPhone Text Messages Extractor to help!

I found this iPhone text messages extractor really works great, and it's very easy to use.
Before we start the problem, remember don't connect your iPhone to computer immediately, or the iTunes backup file will be updated.
how to extract iphone text messages:
Step 1: Select Backup Device
Launch the iPhone data recovery app on Mac, then the app would retrive all the devices that you have backuped on the computer before, and select your previous  iPhone backup files from the list. Next, click "Start Scan", the problem will scan and display all the contents contained in the backup files.

Step 2: Recover Messages from iPhone backup
Click "Messages" on the left, then select and check those messages you want extract. At last, click "Recover" to start the extract. Then, there will be a dialog ask you to choose save address, you just need to choose where you want.

Great, that's all! Just recover other kinds of data from iPhone in the same way if you need.

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